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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Yorkshire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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York Marriage Coverage Last updated 04 February 2015

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Acaster Malbis, York1837YorkACM1837-1996
Acomb St Aidans, York1980YorkACAID1980-1994
Acomb St Stephens, York1837YorkACSS1837-1996
All Saints Huntington, York1837YorkHUNT1837-1996
All Saints North Street, York1837YorkASNS1837-1995
All Saints Pavement, York1837YorkASPAV1837-1996
All Saints Rufforth, York1837YorkRUFF1837-1995
All Saints Upper Poppleton, York1846YorkUPPOP1846-1995
Bishopthorpe, York1838YorkBISH1838-1996
Christ Church Heworth, York1964YorkCCHEW1964-1996
Clifton Church (St Philip & St James), York1871YorkCLIFT1871-1996
Copmanthorpe, York1845YorkCOP1845-1996
Dringhouses (St Edward), York1853YorkDRING1853-1996
Holy Redeemer, York1951YorkHRED1951-1996
Holy Trinity Elvington, York1837YorkELV1837-1996
Holy Trinity Goodramgate, York1837YorkHTGOD1837-1957
Holy Trinity Heworth, York1870YorkHTHEW1870-1996
Holy Trinity Holtby, York1837YorkHOLT1837-1994
Holy Trinity Kings Court, York1837YorkHTKC1837-1885
Holy Trinity Micklegate, York1837YorkHTMI1837-1996
Holy Trinity Stockton on Forest, York1838YorkSOF1838-1996
Methodist Chapel Strensall, York1966YorkSTRM1966-1995
Mission Room (Duke of York St), York1920YorkMISSR1920-1921
St Andrew New Earswick, York1959YorkNEAR1959-1993
St Barnabas, York
(Register stolen : for entries between 1987 and 1993 refer to the GRO)
St Chad, York1928YorkSCHAD1928-1996
St Clement Bishophill Senior, York1837YorkSCLEM1837-1996
St Crux, York1837YorkSCRU1837-1880
St Cuthbert, York1837YorkSCUTH1837-1984
St Denys, York1837YorkSDEN1837-1994
St Everildas Nether Poppleton, York1837YorkNPOPP1837-1996
St Giles Skelton, York1842YorkSKEL1842-1996
St Helen Wheldrake, York1837YorkWHEL1837-1996
St Helen with St Martin, York1838YorkSHEL1838-1996
St Hilda, York1936YorkSHIL1936-1996
St James the Deacon, York1966YorkSJAM1966-1996
St John Micklegate, York1837YorkSJOHN1837-1933
St Lawrence, York1837YorkSLAW1837-1996
St Luke, York1921YorkSLUKE1921-1996
St Margaret, York1837YorkSMARG1837-1973
St Martin Coney Street, York1837YorkSMCON1837-1942
St Martin cum Gregory, York1837YorkSMGRE1837-1939
St Mary Askham Richard, York1842YorkASR1842-1996
St Mary Bishophill Junior, York1837YorkBISHJ1837-1992
St Mary Castlegate, York1837YorkSMCAS1837-1957
St Mary Haxby, York1837YorkHAXBY1837-1996
St Mary the Virgin Strensall, York1837YorkSTREN1837-1996
St Mary and St Nicholas Wigginton, York1837YorkWIGG1837-1996
St Matthews Naburn, York1839YorkNAB1839-1990
St Maurice, York1837YorkSMAU1837-1966
St Michael le Belfry, York1837YorkSMBEL1837-1996
St Michael Spurriergate, York1837YorkSMSP1837-1964
St Nicholas Askham Bryan, York1838YorkASB1838-1996
St Nicholas Dunnington, York 1838YorkDUNN1838-1996
St Olaves, York1837YorkSOLA1837-1996
St Oswald Fulford, York1837YorkFULF1837-1996
St Pauls Heslington, York1838YorkHES1838-1996
St Paul Holgate Road, York1856YorkSPAUL1856-1996
St Paulinus RC, York1981YorkSPRC1981-1995
St Pauls Kexby, York1852YorkKEXBY1852-1994
St Pauls Methodist Heslington, York1975YorkSPHES1975-1996
St Sampson, York1837YorkSSAM1837-1964
St Saviour, York1837YorkSSAV1837-1939
St Thomas Osbaldwick, York1838YorkOSBA1838-1996
St Thomas, York1855YorkSTHO1855-1987
St Thomas with St Maurice, York1988YorkST&M1988-1996
St Wilfrids RC, York1981YorkSWRC1981-1996
St Wulstan Heworth, York1961YorkSWUL1961-1994
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Civil Marriages

Registration DistrictStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
York District Marriages, York1837YorkDM1837-1996
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Authorised Person Marriages

(NB: only churches and chapels which have been indexed or are to be indexed are listed)

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Acomb Baptist, York1969YorkACBA1969-1996
Acomb Methodist, York1839YorkACME1939-1996
Acomb Methodist Holgate Road, York1974YorkHOLME1974-1996
Acomb Trinity Methodist (Wesleyan), York1920YorkWES1920-1948
All Saints Huntington (RC), York1995YorkASHUN1995-1996
Assembly of God, York1982YorkASS1982-1994
Baptist Church Priory Street, York1964YorkPRIBA1964-1996
Bishopthorpe Methodist, York1990YorkBIME1990-1996
Central Methodist (Centenary Chapel), York1899YorkCENTM1899-1995
Church of English Martyrs, York1971YorkENGM1971-1996
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, York1993YorkLDS1993-1996
Church of Our Lady, York1969YorkOURL1970-1996
Clifton Methodist, York1907YorkCLM1907-1996
Copmanthorpe Methodist, York1966YorkCOPM1966-1996
Elim Pentecostal Church, York1982YorkELIM1982-1996
Garrison Chapel (St George), York1933YorkGARCH1933-1971
Garrison Chapel (St Wilfred), York1940YorkSWGAR1940-1995
Groves Chapel, York1899YorkGRM1899-1972
Halfway House, York1995YorkHH1995-1995
Haxby Methodist (Wigginton), York1931YorkHAXM1931-1996
Heworth Methodist, York1900YorkHEWM1900-1996
Huntington Methodist, York1983YorkHUNTM1983-1996
Jewish Synagogue, York1909YorkSYNAG1909-1941
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses, York1995YorkKINGH1995-1996
Lidgett Grove Methodist, York1937YorkLGM1937-1996
Melbourne Terrace Methodist, York1900YorkMELTM1900-1996
New Earswick Methodist, York
stolen register, 1991-1995 - refer to the GRO
New Street Chapel, York1899YorkNEWST1899-1907
Primitive Methodist Chapel (Albany Street), York1930YorkALBS1930-1931
Salvation Army, York1981YorkSALA1981-1995
Society of Friends, York1838YorkSOCF1838-1996
Southlands Chapel, York1900YorkSLAND1900-1996
St Aelreds, York1981YorkSAEL1981-1996
St Columbas United Reform Church, York1913YorkSCOL1913-1996
St Georges Methodist, York1923YorkSGEM1923-1996
St George RC, York1981YorkSGRC1981-1996
St Joseph RC, York1981YorkSJRC1981-1996
St Margaret Clitherow, York1982YorkSMC1982-1996
St Saviourgate Christian Centre1991YorkSSC1991-1994
St Saviourgate Presbyterian Church, York
(missing register : for entries between 1953 and 1984 refer to the GRO)
St Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel, York1983YorkSSUN1983-1995
St Wilfred Garrison, Strensall, York1988YorkSWGAA1988-1990
The Rock Church (Christain Centre), York2000YorkROCK1995-1996
Trinity Chapel (Peckitt Street), York1927YorkTRC1927-1935
Trinity Methodists Church Monkgate, York1911YorkMONKM1911-1995
United Methodist Church, Goodramgate, York1901YorkGOODM1901-1929
Upper Poppleton Methodist, York1953YorkUPM1953-1996
Victoria Bar Chapel, York1920YorkVICB1920-1939
Water Fulford Methodist, York1925YorkWFULM1925-1996
Wesley Chapel, York1900YorkWESC1900-1983
Wesley Circuit Mission Hall (Skeldergate), York1909YorkWSKEL1909-1934
Westhorpe Methodist, York1983YorkWESM1983-1996