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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Yorkshire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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Hull Marriage Coverage Last updated 3 September 2011

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
All Saints1837HullHAS1837-1973
Christ Church1837HullHCC1837-1962
Church of Ascension1936HullHA1936-1950
Church of the Transfiguration1906HullJE1906-1983
Holy Trinity1837HullHD1837-1983
St Aidens1943HullHF1943-1950
St Albans1938HullHG1938-1950
St Andrews (Drypool)1837HullJF1837-1960,1973-1976
St Andrews (Drypool)1837HullHH1961-1973
St Augustine1897HullHAU1897-1974
St Barnabas1874HullHBA1874-1970
St Columba1929HullHJ1929-1979
St George's Marfleet1948HullHM1948-1950
St Giles1837HullHL1837-1979
St Hilda1973HullHN1973-1981
St John (Bransholme)1974HullHP1974-1991
St James (Hull)1837HullSJH1837-1956
St James (Sutton)1837HullHO1837-1953
St John (Drypool)1925HullHQ1925-1950
St John (Newington)1879HullHR1896-1994
St John (Newland)1842HullHS1842-1982
St Johns1859HullKS1859-1916
St Judes1874HullHJU1874-1972
St Luke1864HullHLU1864-1947
St Marks1844HullHMK1844-1947
St Martin1935HullHV1935-1950
St Mary (Sculcoates)1873HullHU1873-1934
St Mary and St Peter1906HullHMP1906-1969
St Mary's1837HullHT1837-1993
St Matthews1872HullHW1872-1993
St Michaels and All Angels (North Hull)1946HullHX1946-1978
St Michaels and All Angels (Sutton)1925HullHY1925-1982
St Nicholas1916HullHZ1916-1983
St Paul1847HullJA1867-1968
St Peter (Drypool)1895HullSPT1895-1948
St Phillips (Bilton Grange)1885HullJB1885-1941,1973-1980
St Saviour1904HullJC1904-1950
St Silas1871HullWS1871-1950
St Stephens1846HullJD1846-1956
St Steven the Martyr1973HullSSM1973-1979
St Thomas1882HullJG1882-1940
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Civil Marriages

Registration DistrictStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Hull Register Offices1837HullHRO1837-1906 & 1906-1977
Note: Missing Register 50 from 1906
Sculcoates Register Offices1837HullSRO1838-1896 & 1896-1937
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Authorised Person Marriages

(NB: only churches and chapels which have been indexed or are to be indexed are listed)

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Albion Chapel1910HullAA1910-1940
Anlaby Road Methodists 1911HullXA 1911-1950
Argyle Street Methodists 1905HullBH1905-1950
Askew Avenue Methodists 1934HullXC1934-1950
Baker Street Presbyterian Church 1947HullAP 1947-1950
Bethesda Chapel 1926HullBJ1926-1950
Beverley Road Chapel 1899HullBO 1899-1941
Boulevard Baptist Church 1919HullXE1919-1950
Boulevard Methodist Church 1945HullAN1945-1950
Bourne Chapel 1900HullBL1900-1950
Bricknell Avenue Methodists 1948HullXG1948-1949
Brighton Street Methodist Mission Hall 1921HullAO1921-1950
Carlton Street Methodist Church 1932HullAX1932-1950
Central Baptist Church 1906HullBM1906-1938
Central Hull Synagogue1888HullBY1888-1943
Church of Lady of Lourdes & St Peter Chanel  HullYU  
Clowes Chapel 1900HullBC1900-1931
Coltman Street Methodist Church 1923HullAZ1923-1940
Dansom Lane Baptist Church 1922HullAQ1922-1947
Derringham Bank Methodist 1935HullXK1935-1950
East Park Baptist Church 1911HullXL1911-1950
Ebenezer Chapel 1902HullBN 1910-1941
Emmanuel Methodist Church 1924HullAW1924-1950
Endike Methodist Hall 1936HullXM1936-1950
Fig Tree Gospel 1940HullAB1940-1949
George Lamb Memorial Chapel 1909HullXO1909-1950
Great Thornton Street Chapel 1899HullBK1899-1937
Groves Methodist Mission Hall 1910HullAL1910-1941
Hedon Road Methodist Chapel 1930HullAJ1930-1940
Hessle Road Methodist Church 1900HullAY1900-1928
Holderness Road Methodist Church 1899HullXP1899-1949
Hull Hebrew Burial Society Synagogue HullCB1928-1934
Hull Western Hebrew Congregation HullCA1902-1950
Jubilee Chapel 1902HullBG1902-1950
Kingston Chapel, Witham1899HullBN  
Kings Hall, Fountain Road1911HullBQ 1911-1950
Lincoln Street Primitive Methodist Church 1900HullAR1900-1934
Marfleet Methodist Chapel 1913HullAG1913-1950
Newland/Trinity Methodist Church1913HullXU1913-1950
Newland/Trinity Methodist Church1913HullXV1918-1937
Norman Memorial Church 1906HullAK1906-1950
Osborne Street Synagogue HullBZ1838-1950
Portobello Street Methodist Church 1921HullXX1921-1950
Preston Road Methodist Church 1939HullXY1939-1950
Primitive Methodists (Holderness Road)1900HullBX1900-1940
Princes Avenue Methodist Church1907HullBS1907-1950
Queens Hall1905HullBP1905-1950
Queens Road Methodist Chapel 1913HullAV1913-1950
Redbourne Street Primitive Methodists 1934HullAE 
Spring Bank Methodists  HullBF 
St George's Road Methodist Chapel1904HullBR1904-1950
St Ninians United Reformed 1944HullYC1944-1950
St Wilfreds  HullYP 
Stepney Chapel 1929HullBD1929-1949
Stoneferry Methodist Church1915HullBU1915-1949
Sutton Methodist Church 1901HullYF1901-1950
Sutton Primitive Methodist Chapel 1924HullAD 
Thornton Hall (Great Thornton Street)1910HullBV 
Thornton Hall (St George's)1929HullBT1911-1950
Waltham Street Chapel 1904HullAH1904-1932
Wesley Chapel, Holderness Road1922HullBW 
West Street Chapel 1917HullAF 
West Street Memorial Church 1932HullAT1932-1950
Williamson Street Methodists1917HullCC1917-1940
Zion Chapel1908HullAS 1908-1944