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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Yorkshire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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East Riding Marriage Coverage Last updated 16 December 2011

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
East Riding
Cottam1837East RidingBRD2001837-1920
Bainton, St Andrew1837East RidingBRD2011837-1997
Barmston, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2021837-1977
Beeford, St Leonard1837East RidingBRD2031837-1982
Bempton, St Michael1838East RidingBRD2041838-1996
Bessingby, St Magnus1837East RidingBRD2051837-1979
Bridlington, Emmanuel1916East RidingBRD2071916-1986
Bridlington, Holy Trinity1874East RidingBRD2091874-1993
Burton Agnes, St Martin1837East RidingBRD2111837-2001
Burton Fleming, St Cuthbert1838East RidingBRD2121838-2001
Carnaby, St John the Baptist1837East RidingBRD2131837-1976
Cowlam, St Andrew1840East RidingBRD2141840-1955
Fimber, St Mary1916East RidingBRD2151916-1976
Flamborough, St Oswald1837East RidingBRD2161837-1992
Fordon, St James1840East RidingBRD2171840-1925
Foston, St Andrew1837East RidingBRD2181837-2003
Fridaythorpe, St Mary1838East RidingBRD2191838-1989
Garton, St Mary1837East RidingBRD2201837-1996
Great Driffield, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2211837-1891
Grindale, St Nicholas1874East RidingBRD2221874-1976
Harpham, St John of Beverley1838East RidingBRD2231838-1979
Hutton Cranswick, St Peter1837East RidingBRD2241837-2000
Kilham, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2251837-2008
Kirkburn, St Mary1837East RidingBRD2261837-1991
Langtoft, St Peter1838East RidingBRD2271838-1978
Lissett, St James1838East RidingBRD2281838-1978
Little Driffield, St Mary1837East RidingBRD2291837-1996
Lowthorpe, St Martin1839East RidingBRD2301839-1976
Middleton, St Andrew1837East RidingBRD2311837-2005
Nafferton, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2321837-2004
North Dalton, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2331837-1977
North Frodingham, St Elgin1837East RidingBRD2341837-2001
Rimswell, St Mary1837East RidingBEV781837-2000
Rudston, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2351837-1995
Ruston Parva, St Nicholas1838East RidingBRD2361838-1970
Sewerby, St John the Evangelist1849East RidingBRD2371849-1993
Skerne, St Leonard1837East RidingBRD2381837-1979
Skipsea, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2391837-1978
Sledmere, St Mary1837East RidingBRD2401837-2008
Thwing, All Saints1837East RidingBRD2411837-1992
Ulrome, St Andrew1837East RidingBRD2421837-2004
Wansford, St Mary1908East RidingBRD2431908-2000
Wetwang, St Nicholas1837East RidingBRD2451837-2004
Wold Newton, All Saints1838East RidingBRD2461838-1993
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Civil Marriages

Registration DistrictStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
East Riding
Beverley Register Office or Registrar Attended1837East RidingBEV100None
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Authorised Person Marriages

(NB: only churches and chapels which have been indexed or are to be indexed are listed)

Church or ChapelStart of
Registers atCodeYears indexed
East Riding
Beeford, Methodist Church1908East RidingBRD2551908-1974
Bridlington, Baptist Church Quay Road1945East RidingBRD2601945-1974
Bridlington, Central Methodist Church St1911East RidingBRDF11911-1968
Bridlington, Church of Our Lady & St Peter1981East RidingBRD2671981-2005
Bridlington, Congregational Trinity1911East RidingBRDF21911-1970
Bridlington, Promenade Methodist1914East RidingBRDF31914-1956
Bridlington, The Quay Methodist Church1899East RidingBRD2511899-1998
Bridlington, St John's Burlington Methodist Church1899East RidingBRD2521899-1996
Bridlington, St John's Methodist Church1911East RidingBRDF41911-1969
Burton Fleming, Methodist Church1927East RidingBRD2531927-1992
Driffield, Methodist Church1908East RidingBRD2571908-1998
Foston Methodist Church1928East RidingBRDF61928-1957
Garton, Methodist Church1923East RidingBRDF71923-1970
Great Driffield Provincial Methodist Church1939East RidingBRDF81939-1997
Hutton Cranswick, Cranswick Methodist Church1927East RidingBRD2541927-1994
Kilham, St Paul's Methodist Church1956East RidingBRD2631956-1985
Nafferton, Methodist Church1909East RidingBRD2581909-1999
Nafferton Coppergate Methodist Church 1951East RidingBRDF101951-1962
North Dalton Methodist Church1907East RidingBRDF111907-1992
Sewerby, Methodist Church1963East RidingBRD2641963-2004